July 28, 2023

Missouri Pediatricians Urge Families to Stay Up-to-Date on Annual Medicaid Renewals for their Children
16,262 kids have been disenrolled from MO HealthNet health coverage

(MISSOURI) – The Missouri Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (MOAAP), is urging parents to remain vigilant and proactive in the Medicaid renewal process. Recent data from the Missouri Department of Social Services (MO-DSS) has revealed a troubling trend of children being disenrolled from MO HealthNet, resulting in the loss of essential healthcare coverage.

According to June reporting released by the Missouri Department of Social Services (MO-DSS), a staggering 16,262 children have lost their Medicaid coverage. Among them, 5,515 were deemed ineligible, while 10,747 were disenrolled due to procedural reasons. This alarming number highlights the urgent need for parents to stay informed and engaged in the renewal process to ensure their children’s continued access to vital healthcare services.

MOAAP emphasizes the importance of timely and accurate completion of Medicaid renewal applications. It is crucial for parents to understand the eligibility requirements and provide all necessary documentation to avoid any potential gaps in coverage. By staying proactive, parents can help safeguard their children’s health and well-being.

Dr. Maya Moody, MOAAP President, expressed deep concern over the significant number of children losing their Medicaid coverage. “Access to healthcare is vital for every child. We urge parents to take immediate action and ensure their children’s Medicaid renewal is completed without delay,” Dr. Moody stated.

MOAAP is committed to supporting families throughout the Medicaid renewal process. The Chapter encourages parents to visit their website, which provides important information to help keep kids insured.

Dr. Heidi Sallee, MOAAP Vice-President explained, “For our kids in Missouri, access to health care is crucially important. It allows me to take really good care of them and to be preventative and then proactive about addressing issues.”

With families staying on top of Medicaid renewals, and doctors providing great care, kids can have a better well-being as they grow and develop.

The Missouri Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (MOAAP) represents more than 1,100 physicians, trainees, and pediatric-provider members throughout Missouri. Our mission is to promote the health of all Missouri’s children through advocacy, education, and collaboration. For more information, visit