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Websites for ordering and the phone number
     Or, a call- 800-950-6020
Currently provide the Rumble Tuff Serene https://www.rumbletuff.com/product-page/serene-express

United Healthcare

  • UHC offers members breast pumps as a value added benefit at no cost to member·
  • MEDLINE double electronic pump
  • 1 pump per lifetime
  • Can request one month prior to delivery and up to six weeks after delivery
  • Ordered through Med Resources with a physician order
  • Med Resources fax number 636-530-4577
  • UHC Member Services number 866-292-0359


Six weeks prior to expected delivery date, moms will contact Customer Service
(1-800-322-6027) and they will connect them to the vendor to order their pump.
Electric Breast Pump
Missouri Care members can now receive their breast pump six weeks prior to their due date.
Members can get one electric breast pump every two years.
What’s Covered?
• Electric breast pump.
Who’s Eligible?
• Any member who has delivered in the past 30 days.
• Members with a baby in NICU, have up to 90 days to request a breast pump after delivery.
• Proof of birth may be requested.