Physician burnout is well defined in the literature as a state of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and decreased feelings of personal accomplishment. It has been more of an increasing concern in the past ten years as its prevalence continues to rise. The goal of offering these resources is to assert prevention and anticipation of predictable stressors related to burn out in medical training and practice.

Following are a few resources if you feel you are experiencing burnout.

Missouri Physicians Health Program: 24 Hour Telephone Hotline: 800-274-0933 

AAP Physician Health & Wellness

American Medical Association Physician Wellness Program

Missouri Physicians Health Program

AMA Physician Wellness Module: Physician Wellness: Preventing Resident and Fellow Burnout

The Happy MD: Prevent Physician Burnout with These Mobile Apps

The Happy MD: Free Tools to Build Your Personal Prevention Strategy

Featured Article: Physician Well-Being: The Reciprocity of Practice Efficiency, Culture of Wellness, and Personal Resilience